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Name's Giulia. Video games obsessed almost 25 years old girl. In this mess you can find mostly: Assassin's Creed, Deus Ex: Human Revolution, Uncharted, Far Cry 3, Infamous, Mass Effect, Silent Hill, Resident Evil, Halo, Call of Duty, Dead Space, Dragon Age, Bioshock, Ryse Son of Rome, Borderlands, Watch Dogs, LOTR, but I use to reblog everything that tickles my fantasy :)

I hate frustrating horror movies gOD I HATE THEM


when you dream about a fictional character you know youre in too deep

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Hey everyone! I thought that doing a follow forever would help organize and clean my blog a little bit, im real close to hitting 3k and i thought “you know, since im seeing so many people do it i’d join in as well and make people happy.”This list may be a little bit short (compared to my last ff at the very least), and thats what i was aiming for. I had to shuffle through a lot of people im following and i wanted to narrow it down to people who i truly would never unfollow and not just people who have similar interests as mine on their blog; this way it is much “more meaningful.” The vast majority of the people on this list are mutuals, and some who i never have a chance of becoming mutuals with, but only a few.
Thank you all so much for giving me such an amazing time on this website, i could not imagine what kind of person i would be today, im much more open, happier with myself and how i look, and my art skills have improved tremendously because of the huge positive feedback from you guys; thank you so so much.

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I have this huge exam in less than two days and I’m just did I even study