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EstelJune’s most anticipated games of 2014

clara lille: a brief introduction
(inspired by all those other posts doing the same hell if i can find them)

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I just wanna hear all the romanced companions battle cries when the inquisitor falls in battle (◡‿◡✿)

Sera, practically shrieking, begging the inquisitor to get up, to keep fighting because she promised she would always be there

Cassandra, voice shaking as she shouts at the inquisitor to get his ass up already, that giving up now is pointless, that she needs him by her side in this fight no matter what

Solas, losing his composure and in a broken voice saying ”no no no you must keep your eyes open, stay awake, please you mustn’t fall asleep!”

Blackwall, not saying anything, looking at his fallen lover for but a moment while the bile rises in this throat and tears form in his eyes, before turning his blade back toward the enemy and fighting on, as a grey warden should do

Iron Bull, an almost animalistic roar ripping from his throat as he charges the enemies surrounding the inquisitor, his inquisitor, trying so hard to ignore the emptiness in his chest and shaking of his hands

Dorian, voice cracking as utter denial sets in, screaming and begging the inquisitor not to go, not to leave him behind because he’s lost everything and he cant lose him

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The Wolf Among Us - Animated cover 

Anonymous asked: Sorry I swear I'm not stalking you! Wish there was an easier way to write messages through this thing. What I said in that lost ask (which is totally NOT your fault) is that since when a stranger helped me get out of depression in a moment of my life when i had neither identity nor purpose i'm trying to do the same by listening, just being there or giving some words of comfort to people who need it. It's the least i can do. -me again ps. i'm 29 so nyah you're not THAT old :P

Ahahaha don’t worry! I don’t mind at all!! And thank you again for your kind words, you’re indeed doing the right thing listening people out and helping them out whenever you can! Thank you, that do means a lot to me :) Oh okay, you’re not THAT old too tho lol 

Anonymous asked: I'm still new at tumblr and I still don't understand how it works. I sent you another ask message earlier and apparently you didn't receive it. I'm so sorry. -me again ps. is your birthday soon? :3

Omg I’m the one to be sorry! My stupid tumblr app always eats a lot of asks so it’s probably my fault :( Yeah, it’s on 21st of september so in five days exactly eheh ps I’m turning 25 so I’m pretty old unfortunately 

Anonymous asked: Are you still collecting money for that xbox? -your friendly neighborhood anon follower :3

Oh yes, sure! I opened a donation page just a few days ago ^^ I was just waiting for my birthday for making an official post about that! You can find it here

you said it, bitch. we’re the guardians of the galaxy.

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Since I’ve reached 1000 (1070 now) followers some time ago, I decided to make a follow forever to celebrate it because I love you all very much! Here are some of my favorite blogs and you should follow them all because they are a++ quality people who only deserve the best 〜(^∇^〜)

Italicized are senpais I adore from afar (and I want to be friends with u ok)
Bold are friends and senpais (or at least I hope we’re friends)

A - E

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I probably forgot a bunch of people and I’m so sorry if I did, I’m trash (also it’s not in alphabetical order because a lazy ass)

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Dishonored - Animated cover 

Simon had a very traumatic childhood at Manchester, England because of his heartless father. On most days, his father brought back dangerous animals and taunted him with them, even going so far to force him to kiss a snake or threaten to kill him with them. When he and his younger brother, Tommy, got older, Tommy would always wear a skull-mask at night to scare Simon. At one concert, his father had made him laugh at the death of a prostitute who was addicted to drugs.


[1/7] female characters Bloody Mary

"They think it’s funny to have their little sleepovers and go into their little bathrooms and say my name five times in the mirror.

They find it less funny when I actually show up and feed their lungs to the family dog.

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